About Journal of Pedagogy


Journal of Pedagogy („Revista de pedagogie”) has a history of 63 years of occurrence. On 12 January 1952, the Ministry of Education issued the decision establishing the Institute of Pedagogical Sciences. In this context, all in the same year, began to appear Journal of Pedagogy that publication assigned to determine the educational community in Romania, pedagogy and education. The magazine has been published without interruption until today.

Starting with the Journal  of Pedagogy no.2/2016, the magazine is published in partnership with  Academia Pedagogilor.

Frequency of appearance

Journal of Pedagogy recorded over the nearly 60 years of developing certain oscillations in the frequency of occurrence:

  • 1952-1966 period: 4 issues / year;
  • 1966-1998: 12 issues / year;
  • 1999-2008 period: 2 issues / year;
  • period 2009-2013: 4 issues / year;
  • 2014: 2 issues / year.

Quality Standards

Over time, assessing the quality of articles published in the Journal of Pedagogy was responsible task of each issue of the magazine, along with members of the editorial board. In recent years, the magazine uses a team of reviewers selected from education and research, both from the Institute of Education Sciences and beyond. Quality standards are proposed and adopted annually by the Scientific Council of the Institute of Educational Sciences and cover issues such as: scientific accuracy, timeliness of information, relevant to the Romanian and international education, adaptability and applicability in the Romanian school.

ISSN 0034-8678